Oh, the holidays...

It’s that time of year again y’all! Home cooked feasts, family traveling near and far, obsessively buying every Black Friday sale cluttering your inbox or IG feed... Ya same!

But, what I want to touch on here is something that gets brought up every year at this time... Food anxiety. Yes, this is a real thing and many fitness-lovers out struggle with it especially during the holiday season.

I’ve been that girl prepping over the holidays, tracking out my food for a show in mind, and I did it. Would I do it if I wasn’t getting ready for a bodybuilding competition? HECK NO! But, people do really struggle with “slipping up” or not counting their macros/sticking to their meal plan to a T. The holidays can get a bit chaotic with temptations left and right... I get it!

I would come on here and say, “Hey, just find a happy medium! Stop when you’re full!” But, realistically I hate people who say that because could I ever intuitively eat and stop myself from devouring a little more dessert than I’m satiated for... Nope. It is easier said than done.

Here’s the thing... We create our own stress. Think about it. How we perceive every moment of our lives determines how we

react to it. So, instead of going into Thanksgiving dinner being overwhelmed by it... Remember, you’re ramping up your heart rate over a plate of food. Is it really worth the headache? Enjoy your life, enjoy your family and friends, enjoy time away from rigid structure, ENJOY!

Life will go on, moments only last so long and what we have left are the memories. Cherish that because fitness isn't life. It’s apart of life and there is SO much more!

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

XOXO Brooklyn

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