There Isn’t One “Right” Way

Hi friends! Thank you for tuning in to my first ever blog post, a place where I can unleash all my scatter brained thoughts onto (digital) paper. Sounds great right? 😊

I wanted to start off these posts with a topic near and dear to my heart… So, let me give you a little backstory. 

I get asked quite frequently by individuals looking to maximize their training and results a similar line of questions such as, “What’s the right formula for macros for me? How much cardio is enough? What foods should I be eating to obtain this look?” … You get the picture. The response I give goes across the board as - I don’t know. It’s really that simple. There isn’t a certain magical, universal macro-formula that makes us aesthetic gods (and goddesses), an hour of cardio a day isn’t always the answer, and eating asparagus over cauliflower isn’t going to make all that much of a difference. 

So here comes my story as a Nationally Qualified Bikini competitor who has been in the competition world since I was just a 17 year old senior in high school to current. If you have been following me through my social media platforms since the beginning of 2017, you have witnessed my most recent 6 month long contest prep. I started dieting the beginning of February and ended closer to August. I competed in 4 separate contests in a span of 2 months… And I also switched coaches half way through. Yup… It’s true. 

From the start of prep, I was killing myself. My caloric intake 4 months out was too low, my cardio drastically increased two weeks in, and by month 2 of prep, I was eating only greens as a source of carbs, doing two-a-days of training, and stalling at the weight I am comfortably sitting at now in my improvement season. I was miserably following a rigid meal plan that allowed me the same 6-7 foods, I had absolute no energy to carry out daily tasks, and I was a hormonal mess. I believed into that “more was the better” and this was the “right” way to get to a National level stage. WRONG… 

Long story short, I switched my game plan because guess what? There is ALWAYS more than one route to get somewhere. This doesn’t just go for fitness and dieting, but any aspect of your life. If something isn’t working out: 1.) Reevaluate the situation, 2.) Look at your other options, 3.) Strategize, and 4.) Execute. Don’t waste your life trying to drive through a blocked road- Take an alternative. And that’s what I did. I took a few weeks to destress my overworked body and mind. I ate more, I trained less, and I focused on rest. After my two weeks of deloading, I started pushing again and my body began to respond… Finally!

The fitness industry is ever-changing with what’s in and the latest trends…Doing bikini shows, powerlifting meets, going vegan, IIFYM, etc. My #1 piece of advice: Do what makes you feel fulfilled in life. There isn’t a “right” way to do fitness. If you despise going into the gym and hitting 1 RM’s of deadlift, squat, and bench… Don’t. Even with my experience in contest prep, there isn’t one superior way to go about it. Fat loss is fat loss at the end of the day, and you can go about it eating rigidly to a certain handful of foods or give yourself some flexibility with tracking your macronutrients (If you want to know my answer… I practice flexible dieting now). If you’re putting in the effort to better change yourself daily, do it in a way you’ll enjoy.  This is a lifestyle, not a few weeks out of the year. Strive for longevity over a quick-fix. 

I hope y’all enjoyed my word vomit and late night feels… Tune in next time 😊 .

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