How Do I Find Motivation?

If you struggle with finding the motivation or staying motivated to get into the gym 5-6 times a week and/or stick to your diet… Trust me, you are not alone. I would like to believe I’m a fairly motivated individual when it comes to training, but I find myself in slumps more than you’d think. And guess what? It happens to ALL of us. So, don’t throw in the towel… Stay with me!

Having a crappy day? Bad week? Ok let’s first uncover the root of the problem. Some people use the gym as their therapy while other don’t, and either way is 100% fine. Those who do, still find themselves in ruts just the same. Sometimes you may just need a break from the same environment (This happens to me A LOT!) and switch things up. Try out a week at a new gym or switch club locations for a change of pace. This also goes for your training… Switch it up! Find a new program to start or set a new goal whether it be entering into a fat loss or growing phase, hitting new numbers on your lifts, or getting into something new. Change is GOOD and can kick start your motivation!

One of my favorite quotes to live by… “Surround yourself with others on the same mission as you” because a solid support system there to build you up and encourage you will benefit all involved. Lagging motivation? Find a gym buddy, lifting partner, selfie companion, etc.  Having someone there to, 1.) Get your butt to the gym and, 2.) Push you with each set and rep is SO beneficial!

My last point to hit home is that we all go through stuff. Your stuff could be worse than my stuff, but its all stuff that affects us.  When life doesn’t go as planned (which is more frequent than not), learn how to move forward. Start looking at each bump in the road as a learning experience rather than a punishment. Life goes on and not every day you go into the gym super pumped for that workout. But, remember your goals, ambitions, and why you even started this journey in the first place. Reflect on how far you’ve come and don’t let something minor affect that. Be resilient!

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