Brooklyn Hillenbrand

Iā€™m Brooklyn.
fitness enthusiast,
health coach,


Fitness & health
is my passion. šŸƒā€ā™€ļø

As a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and sports performance trainer, my passion runs deep from my own personal experience. My ultimate goals is to assist and educate others in transforming their own lives ā€“ both in health and fitness.


Helping You Reach Your Fitness & Health Goals. šŸ”„

Choose from a variety of training and coaching plans. These plans include downloadable ebooks, macros coaching, and a lot more. One-on-one coaching is also available.


Download the new 9 Week Shred to Summer Plan". šŸ’Ŗ

Reach your goals just in time for summer with this 9 week program. This program was designed with everyone in mind ā€“ and includes easy to follow instructions.